Bay of Pigs.


The Bay of Pigs is at 150km from Varadero, known for its calmed, warm crystal clear waters.


While on winter the sea is very often effected by the cold fronts and the diving, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking is canceled on Varadero’s area we can always drive to the Bay of Pigs on the other side of the island and do the best diving on very calmed water. The Bay of Pigs is sheltered by the island so the north wind doesn’t affect the sea conditions.


The Diving trip to the Bay of Pigs starts with the pickup of the diver on its hotel early in the morning (about8:30am) fallowed by 10min drive to go to our equipment room for the diving gear, tanks ext. it takes 2h driving to get at the diving sites, we actually cross the island from the north side (Atlantic) to the south side (Caribbean) passing by towns like Santa Marta, Cardenas, Coliceo, jovellanos, La Isabel ext.


Pick up time: 8:30am.

Return time: 5:30pm.


Driving duration: 2h each way.

Distance from Varadero: 150km.


Kind of diving: Malty level dive, wall, reef, wreck.

Depth: Max 30mts, the wall goes down to about 400mts.

Water temperature: Summer 29dc, winter minimum 26dc


Dive sites:


-         Cueva de los Peces.

-         El tanque.

-         Perdiz.

-         Los pinos.

-         Corales.

-         El Evano.

We do Cenotes/caverns on this are.

-         Cueva los Peces.

-         Susana.

-         50aniversario.

-         El brinco.

Lunch:At the end of the dives (2:30pm) and before heading back to Varadero we could go to locals restaurant for lunch (not included on the price), you could also bring sandwiches from the hotels breakfast.