Scuba Diving Especial until December 2014 in Varadero Cuba.

Special offer on Open Water Diver Courses for groups in Varadero Cuba:

Every 3 people for the OPEN WATER COURSE 1 will get it for free.


Normal price for 3 people 1080cuc.  Paying 360cuc per person.

Especial price for 3 people  720cuc.  Paying 240cuc per person,                                                                                      

- every person saves 120cuc.

  • Open Water & Advanced Diver Course Special for 2 people.

-          Doing the Open Water and Advanced Diver Course for two people you will get and Special price!!


Normal price for the Open Water Course 360cuc.

Normal price for the Advanced Diver Course 250cuc.


Total price 610cuc.


Special price for 2 people doing the two levels (Open water & Advanced):


Saving 100cuc per person.

  • Super especial deal in Varadero until december 2014.

You can now get your Open Water Diver Course/license for free !!!!


Bring two friends for the Open Water Diver Course and get your course/license for free!

- 3 Open Water Diver Courses for the price of 2 only this summer 2014 with Varadiving in Varadero Cuba.

If you share the cost with your 2 friends then each of you save 120$


This is your life opportunity to become an Open Water Diver in 29dc water for free or if sharing the cost save 120$ each.


This special price includes: Private Transportation, equipment, private instructions by an experience Instructor only for you 3.

Only from June to august 2014 in Varadero Cuba.

Contact us NOW.

Free Open Water and Advanced Diver Course this summer 2014 in Varadero Cuba!



  • You bring 2 friends for the Open Water and Advanced Diver Course and get yours for free!


  • Share this special offer with your friends and each of you will do the Open Water and Advanced Diver Course for only 458cuc, saving 152$ each.


Yes the high temperatures of the summer may be driving us creasy; you just come and get the best of it.

Contact us NOW.

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  • #43

    Adam (Saturday, 14 July 2018 20:15)


    I am looking to book a 3 hour cave and snorkel trip for my girlfriend and I. We will be in Varadero on 7-18 and 7-19.

    I do not swim well so I’m wondering if it includes life jackets? As well as the cost.
    My email is
    Thank you,

  • #42

    Karina Bazuchi (Thursday, 22 March 2018 10:05)

    Buenos dias.
    Mi nombre es Karina, yo soy brasileña y me quedaré de vacaciones en Cuba en el inicio de abril. Me encantaria bucear cerca de Varadero y la Habana, pienso que en los dias 4 y 5 de abril. Yo podria hacer 1 buceo nocturno y 2 buceos en el dia.
    Tengo la certificación PADI Nitrox.
    Sobre los sitios, no conozco mucho la región, cual sitios me lo recomiendan?
    Yo he leido sobre el hoyo azul ojo del mégano, es posible bucear alla?
    Ademas, pregunto se ustedes alquilan el equipo, si puedo reservar las fechas para bucear y si hacen recogido desde mi hotel hasta los sitios de buceo.
    Muchas gracias,

    Karina Bazuchi

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  • #38

    Nic F (Monday, 06 March 2017 08:14)

    Super fun experience!! Jorge and Ricardo are very fun and professional. The other instructor diver was Alexandre, I think, and he was very good also! I highly recommend it

  • #37

    Cara Pemesanan Glucoblock (Saturday, 24 September 2016 03:09)

    Terimakasih Informasinya, sangat menarik dan bermanfaat :D.

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    Umpan Ikan Mas (Wednesday, 13 July 2016 04:50)

    mohon kunjungannya, Wow Ini baru informasi yang sangat menarik, sungguh beruntung aku ada disini

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    003531783855570 (Thursday, 14 January 2016 02:53)

    Hi there
    I will be visiting Cuba in July and am interested in doing your open water dive course. Is the offer for 3 people for 2 sill available. Also I may have 4 people who would like to do your course. Could u give me a price for us for July.
    Mant thanks

  • #31

    VARADIVING (Saturday, 28 December 2013 14:21)

    Scuba Diving Especial for January 2014 in Varadero Cuba.

    •Special offer on Open Water Diver Courses for groups in Varadero Cuba:

    (Every 3 people for the OPEN WATER COURSE 1 will get it for free).

    Normal price for 3 people 1080cuc. Paying 360cuc per person.
    Especial price for 3 people 720cuc. Paying 240cuc per person,
    every person saves 120cuc.

    Normal price for 6 people 2160cuc. Paying 360cuc per person.
    Especial price for 6 people 1440cuc. Paying 240cuc per person, every person saves 120cuc.

    Normal price for 9 people 3240cuc. Paying 360cuc per person.
    Especial price for 9 people 2160cuc. Paying 240cuc per person,
    every person saves 120cuc.

    •Only this january and February 2014.

    Contact by email:

    •Scuba Diving Special price for groups of 6 on February 2014

    Normal price for 1 person doing the 6 Dives package 220cuc.
    Especial Price for groups of 6 people doing 6 dives package 163cuc per person.
    Every person saves 57cuc.
    - 2 dives at the Coral Beach (Varadero)
    - 4 dives in 2 days at the Bay of Pigs (caribbean sea)

    •Special for group of 3 divers doing the 8 dives package in 4 days.

    Normal price for 1 person doing 8 dives in 4 days 290cuc per person.

    Especial price for group of 3 people doing 8 dives in 4 days: 240cuc per person.
    Every person saves 50cuc.
    -2 dives at the Coral Beach.
    -2 dives at Bacunayagua.
    -4dives in 2 days at the Bay of Pigs.

    •Open Water & Advanced Diver Course Special for 2 people.
    •Doing the Open Water and Advanced Diver Course for to people on January you will get and Special price!!

    Normal price for the Open Water Course 360cuc.
    Normal price for the Advanced Diver Course 250cuc.
    Total price 610cuc.

    •Special price for 2 people doing the two levels (Open water & Advanced):

    Saving 100cuc per person.

    •Only this january and February 2014.

    Contact by

    Please copy and paste the offer of your choise and send it togather withe you enquiering email.

  • #30

    Wojtek (Tuesday, 15 October 2013 16:46)

    Fantastic experience of diving in Cuba with Yasser and his team. Everything was arranged and conducted according to high standards of the recognized international scuba providers. I truly appreciated friendly atmosphere together with well organized 6 dives in three sites. Stunningly beautiful Cuban nature and pristine underwater world warrant my come back and repeat dive experience with Yasser soon.

  • #29

    alex (Friday, 30 August 2013 05:40)

    The dive was great plus the instructor was very professional and nice ... I wish I could come back soon and make some dive again thanks for everything ...!!!

  • #28

    mike l (Friday, 30 August 2013 05:33)

    Where else can you dive for 3 days (7 dives) at 6 different locations on the Atlantic side of the island and the Caribbean Sea for under $300 cdn. The service was outstanding from picking us up at the resort and dropping us back at the end of day. Our guide Yasser Rodriguez had tremendous experience as a diver and guide and definitely made our trip a fantastic experience. Varadiving is probably not the biggest dive outfit in Cuba, but give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

  • #27

    simone (Friday, 30 August 2013 05:31)

    The crew of varadiving is very professional and the equipment is good. I was the only one diving with Yasser that day, so I felt a little like a VIP. He also cared about the marina life, for example did he not bring any food for the fish (compared to other instructors), which I highly appreciated. My boyfriend had the possibility to snorkel. We got picked up at the hotel and they also drove us back. Yasser was taking pictures of me and the reef during the two dives, which is a great memory and souvenir of my dive trips in Varadero. I can highly recommend this diving center!

  • #26

    anne (Friday, 30 August 2013 05:30)

    A week ago we were a Group of Norwegians that would like to go snorkeling. The owner of the casa we stayed at made a phone call and the rest was organized by Varadiving. A car arrived to pick us up and drove to the Coral Beach where we had an excellent time snorkeling Close to a lot of Fish near the Coral. After snorkeling we had fun swimming in Saturn Cave.

  • #25

    pommy (Friday, 30 August 2013 05:28)

    What a great trip. Yasser took brilliant care of us. The equipment was in great condition and the dive site at El Coral was beautiful. The marine life was wonderful and even the coral in places was colourful. We had 2 50 minute dives and went done to about 10.5 meters. The visibility was fantastic and the variety of fish amazing. This company is more expensive than the one promoted by the resorts but is worth every penny. From the moment you are picked up (on time and in your own transport - not like the tour bus that visits 10 other hotels) to the time you are dropped off you feel that your dive /snorkelling experience is their priority. They want you to really enjoy the experience and not just because they want good reviews. They really love what they do and it shows.

  • #24

    john (Friday, 30 August 2013 05:26)

    Cuba was great and this scuba diving experience made it even better! Yasser and Erick (taxi service) made this a days adventure for us. 4 of us went scuba diving and 2 of us were first timers. Yasser took his time to explain to us the safety of diving and gave us a 15min crash course. When he felt comfortable with us in the water, we started our 2 - 50 min dives, first 10 - 15ft. He took lots of pictures for us under water with corals and fish, and took his time with us and made sure we were all safe. After we took about a 15 min break on shore and had some water while enjoying the view. Then he explain to us that we were good enough to visit the ship wreck at 40-50ft. then in which, we began our next 50 min dive. After scuba, we headed over to a nice restaurant to have lunch (lobster, shrips, pork, chicken, appetizers, rice, crocodile meat) one of the best tasting food the island has to offer. After lunch we drove over to a crocodile farm and visit some exotic animals. All of the above listed activities came to about 100 cnd per person. Not to mention it took about 2 hours drive to get to these locations. This is a steal compare to a lot of other excursion and activities we had to pay for at the resort!
    Thanks again yasser and hope the best for you and erick!
    Visited August 2013

  • #23

    luo (Wednesday, 10 July 2013 04:30)

    scuba dive center in varadero cuba

  • #22

    varadiving (Sunday, 16 June 2013 13:41)

    Termino la semana y con ella los cursos de OFERTA ESPECIAL PARA CUBANOS donde ale, Erick, Roni, Claudia ya se certificaron de OPEN WATER DIVER, AVANZADO, RECUSE, PROVEEDOR DE PRIMEROS AUXILIOS. A ahorrar dinerito ahora para hacer el DIVE MASTER este verano. Nos vemos el lunes para comenzar con los cursos de avanzado de Duny y richel.

  • #21

    Masticating Juicer (Tuesday, 16 April 2013 11:57)

    This particular article was just what I had been looking for!

  • #20

    varadiving (Saturday, 06 April 2013 11:36)

    Varadero Cuba Special offer for couples Divers on May and June.

    Yes we know is hard to believe but it is real!

    Varadiving the Scuba Diving Center in Varadero Cuba has designed a new offer only for couples and only for this May and June of the 2013. For only 1038cuc
    8 dives in 4 days with 7 nights for 2 people in a rental flat in downtown Varadero with super breakfast and dinner included.

    Dive sites:
    Coral Beach at 30min from Varadero.
    Bacunayagua at 1h from Varadero.
    Bay of Pigs (tanke) 2h from Varadero.
    Bay of Pigs (perdiz) 2h from Varadero.
    Lunch is included on the dive trips to the Bay of Pigs.

    All equipment and transportation included.

    Contac us for more information on this Special offer for couples divers from Varadero Cuba and with varadiving.

  • #19

    varadiving (Monday, 01 April 2013 15:26)

    Special offers on Scuba Diving in Varadero Cuba for April and May.

    Getting the Diving Certification in Varadero Cuba has never been so easy, safe and fun.

    Varadiving has designed special offers to get the OPEN WATER DIVER LICENCE on April and May in the nice, warm, clear waters of Varadero Cuba.

    2. OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE PLUS 7 NIGHTS IN A FLAT FOR 2 IN Varadero Cuba for only 520cuc.

    3. OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE PLUS 7 NIGHTS IN A FLAT with daily breakfast FOR 2 IN Varadero Cuba for only 590cuc.

  • #18

    varadiving (Saturday, 30 March 2013 10:48)

    Especial offer on Scuba Diving Courses in Varadero Cuba.
    The Varadiving Dive center and School in Varadero Cuba has designed especial Prices for Cubans living on the island and abroad.
    It has forever been very difficult for Cubans to afford to do a Diving Course or go on a dive trip. Our club and staff will do the best to keep the prices as low as possible so that every Cuban that never had this chance before come and get the Diving certification for a 3rd of the real price. It doesn’t matter what country you are now living in, if you are a Cuban Citizen that is reason enough for Varadiving our Scuba Diving Center in Varadero Cuba.
    Normal price for the OWD course 360cuc
    If you are Cuban come and do your Open Water Diver Course for only 123cuc with VARADIVING.
    If citizen of any other country come and do your Open Water Diver Course for only 310cuc in Varadero Cuba with VARADIVING. This is a limited time offer.

  • #17

    varadiving (Wednesday, 16 January 2013 08:27)

    Hello Guys!
    Yes we have your pictures here ready to be send, please just give us an email address where we can send the pictures to.
    We have 13 nice pictures of you.

  • #16

    Dan (Monday, 10 December 2012 14:40)

    Hello Yasser,
    > We are the couple from Romania that booked a trip from Varadero (casa
    > di betty @ Jorge) to the Bay of Pigs last week.
    > First, we want to thank you for the beautiful trip organized for us
    > last week.
    > Secondly, it would be great if you could send us the photos you have
    > taken during the snorkeling trip.
    > Thanks,
    > dan

  • #15

    Varadiving (Wednesday, 05 December 2012 08:52)

     All Scuba Diving trips, courses, packages and Snorkeling trips includes:
    - All the equipment.
    - Private pick up and transportation.
    - Private guidance/instructions by an experienced Instructor.

    4 Dives in 2days = 160cuc.
    -Two dives at the Coral Beach (Varadero)
    -Two dives at the Bay of Pigs (Caribbean Sea)

    5 Dives in 2 days = 175cuc.
    -Two Dives at the Coral Beach (Varadero)
    -Three dives in 1 day at the Bay of Pigs: different dive sites (Caribbean Sea)

    6 Dives in 3 days = 220cuc.
    -Two dives at the Coral Beach (Varadero)
    -Two dives at the Bay of Pigs. Dive site: Cenote (Caribbean Sea)
    -Two dives at the Bay of Pigs. Dive site: Tanke (Caribbean Sea)

    7 Dives in three days = 235cuc.
    -Two dives at the Coral Beach (Varadero)
    -Two dives at the Bay of Pigs. Dive site: Cenote (Caribbean Sea)
    -Three dives at the Bay of Pigs. Different Dive site: (Caribbean Sea)

    8 Dives in 4 days = 290cuc.
    -Two dives at the Coral Beach (Varadero)
    -Two dives at the Bay of Pigs. Dive site: Cenote (Caribbean Sea)
    -Two dives at the Bay of Pigs. Dive site: Tanke (Caribbean Sea)
    -Two dives at the Bay of Pigs. Dive site: Perdize (Caribbean Sea)

     To these packages you can also add:

    • 1 Night dive at the Coral Beach 60cuc.
    • 1 Night dive at the Bay of Pigs 80cuc.
    • 1 sunset dive + 1 night dive at the Coral Beach 90cuc.
    • 1 sunset dive + 1 Night dive at the Bay of Pigs 110cuc.
    • Cave dives at the Bay of Pigs 50cuc.
    • Companion for the trips 25cuc.
    • Companion with Snorkeling gear 35cuc.
    • Lunch on the Dive trips 12cuc.

    • Accommodation in Rent Rooms in Varadero downtown: from 25 to 35cuc per night.

    • Breakfast at the accommodations in Varadero for 5cuc per person.

    • Lunch or Dinner for 12cuc per person.

  • #14

    Varadiving (Monday, 03 December 2012 12:43)

    It has been a very busy week diving. Thanks to all the divers and not divers that has been with us. Again the weather is deteriorated in Varadero, so we will keep on offering Scuba Diving and Snorkeling trips to the Caribbean Sea (Bay of Pigs).
    -We would like to remind or let everybody coming to Varadero on the 2013 know that the prices of our Scuba Diving and Snorkeling trips from Varadero are going to be changed, you can however book now and get the actual prices (low season prices).
    - New Scuba Diving packets from Varadero are going to be design for the 2013.

  • #13

    lucy (Saturday, 24 November 2012 10:59)

    Great dive trip to the Bay of Pigs. Yasser took us to a dive site called (cueva de los peces). The dive itself worth the 2h drive to the Caribbean Sea in Cuba. Nice reef, wall dive and nice wreck. Thank you again.

  • #12

    Cuba (Friday, 23 November 2012 10:27)

    The Varadiving: scuba dive center in Varadero will make changes on the prices of most of the Scuba diving trips from Varadero due to the high season beginning on January.
    You can however book now for the 2013 and get the actual prices.
    Book your diving trips on the 2012 and dive the 2013.

  • #11

    Cuba (Friday, 23 November 2012 10:24)

    While lot of tourists have been staying at the hotels doing nothing more than drinking of the all included facilities, the Varadiving and some tourists have been going to the Caribbean sea in Cuba. The weather condition has been deteriorated in varadero for the last 15 days; we have been doing daily Scuba diving and Snorkeling trips to the southern side of the island (Bay of Pigs, Caribbean Sea) where it is always nice, calmed, clear and warmer than in Varadero.
    While lot of other tourists are staying at the Hotel where the Water sports activities has been cancel for more than 15 days same as the snorkeling and Diving, we have keep on having fun and great time with our clients.
    Varadero is a very nice beach where you can rest, relax, do a lot of water sport staff, go to the Dancing Clubs, Restaurants in Down Town but when the weather isn’t good some could get frustrated for missing the beach, our dive center in Varadero does daily Scuba diving and snorkeling trips to the Caribbean sea (Bay of Pigs) where you will be able to enjoy of 2h drive across the island to then either do 2 dives or enjoy of 3h Snorkeling in this beautiful, clear, calmed, warm waters.

  • #10

    cuba (Saturday, 17 November 2012 07:59)

    Cuba diving holidays are easier to plan than ever. The varadiving club is known as the dive center in Varadero that really cares about the divers/clients; we can help you find the best destinations for your Cuba scuba vacations too. Generally, you can arrange to go diving in Cuba at one of the many Cuban beach resorts if you haven't arranged your expedition before arrival. Most of these resorts are all inclusive, though you will usually have to pay extra for scuba diving. All Hotels in Varadero are run by the Government same as the diving at the Hotel. However varadiving helps you plan your holydays beforehand, we can arrange:

    - Diving trips.
    - Dive packages.
    - Diving courses.
    - Snorkeling trips.
    - Accommodation in Varadero.
    - Packages of them all together or just help you create a package at your own convenience.

    -Varadiving counts with equipment for 20 divers.
    -5 cars with its private drivers for the trips.
    -6 instructors all with more than 10 years experience, from different organizations: CMAS, ACUC, SSI, PADI (our PADI instructor do not teach in Cuba due to the American embargo).
    - All our dives are privates so we are not mixing you with other divers of different experience unless you wish to. If you are a single diver and want a car with a driver and an instructor only for you that isn’t a problem for us.

  • #9

    jo (Tuesday, 25 September 2012 16:10)

    Should I bring my own gear?

    We are 2, already booked our trip with varadiving for October 19 to the Coral Beach and Saturn Cave. We will do this first trip and maybe a trip to the Bay of Pigs but not sure about the second one. We are bringing our suitcases full of staff plus some things for our Cuban friends.

    Should I bring my own Snorkeling gear? Or should we use the company’s….?

  • #8

    varadiving (Tuesday, 25 September 2012 16:08)

    Hello Tony and Kelly!!!
    It will be nice to have you back here; at the moment it is very hot but nice to be at the beach having a few cocktails. We don’t know what to expect for the coming winter here but as you very well know our last winter wasn’t cold at all, we hope it be the same.

    Hope to hear from you soon to arrange it all on order to make it run smoothly.

    Mercy says hello to you too.

    Regards: Varadiving Team.

  • #7

    varadiving (Tuesday, 25 September 2012 16:07)

    Hello Mary!
    It is nice to hear that you liked here and even nicer to know that you may be coming back, this time staying at our apartments and doing more than a trip. We recommend you to have a look at the packets we have on offer.
    Please try to book your holydays as soon as you can, February is high season here and we are receiving bookings already for the mentioned month.
    Thank you for choosing us!!
    Regards: The Varadiving Team.

  • #6

    Melanie (Tuesday, 25 September 2012 15:53)

    My wife her mum and my daughter, we did the Coral Beach and the cave; it was our best day and best trip while in Cuba. This company was recommended to us by a friend who travels to Cuba and stays with then almost every year since 1989.
    Before they started building this website the only way to contact then was calling +53 52636525, still theirs contact number in Cuba.
    Our trip: As they advertise on the web our trip started with a private pick up from the Hotel, our Hotel was the Blau Varadero. Pick up time was 8:30am. There was a Diving instructor waiting for us in the lobby, the car was a ford 57 with new diesel engine and private driver for the trip.
    Right away the Instructor told us what the trip was going to be like and made us fill up some forms.
    Ones at the Coral Beach we had a great briefing, this time more focused on how to snorkel, what we were about to see, what not to touch, swimming techniques, how to use the equipment ext.
    At first water was cold; the instructor said water temperature was 25celsius. He took us by some corals channels to avoid going where to shallow, there were plenty of fish since the very beginning but at about 30m from the shore there were just so many that it was difficult to see the corals at the bottom, that was because the instructor brought a bottle of water with some staff on it to feed the fish, whatever it was they loved it.
    After about 45min of snorkeling we got back on the car to drive for only 5min to the Saturn Cave.
    At the Cave we were told to bring towels, cameras, shoes and to swim only the mask and snorkel.
    Nice clear fresh water, he gave us an underwater lamp to see the formations at the bottom of the cave, out of so many different trips/companies at the cave at that time it was only us with an underwater lamp (cool).after 40min there we decided to go out to the bar, we had a drink and back to the Hotel. Before 1pm we were back and hungry at the right time to go for lunch at the hotel’s restaurant (all included)
    That was my Snorkeling trip experience with Varadiving and I highly recommend.

    Thank u Varadiving. Kisses Melanie!

  • #5

    ywww (Tuesday, 25 September 2012 15:51)

    I may be going to varadero in January with my boyfriend and other 2 friends. i would like to do 1 Snorkeling trip but don’t know what to choose between: -Coral beach and Saturn Cave in varadero or -Bay of Pigs and cenotes in the Caribbean sea?

    Any tip will be appreciated!!

  • #4

    Tony and Kelly (Tuesday, 25 September 2012 15:49)

    2- Hey guys thank you again; finally there is a way to fiend you on the internet. Soon it will be cold again in Canada, we are planning a week on Varadero with you guys, most probable we will be doing the packet with the Snorkeling trips on Varadero and Caribbean sea , this time it will be 4 of us so we will need too rooms and breakfast for sure.
    Just wanted to say hello and thank you for your services. will go back to you soon to arrange it all.
    Regards Tony and Kelly.

  • #3

    Mary (Tuesday, 25 September 2012 15:47)

    1- Hello Varadiving!!
    It is great to fiend you on the web.
    We had a great time with you guys, we are looking forwards to go back on February, this time we would like to stay at one of your apartments and do the Snorkeling to both Coral Beach/Saturn Cave and the Bay of Pigs on the Caribbean.
    Thank you for the pictures!
    Regards Mary.

  • #2

    Harry (Thursday, 30 August 2012 11:24)

    Hi it was a great trip everything was beautiful a lot of fish in the place the instructor really professional and kind ... .thanks and hope to come back soon ..

  • #1

    varadiving (Tuesday, 12 June 2012 16:44)

    Been able to answer any question is a pleasure for our Varadiving team.

    -Please feel free to contact us.

    -Make comments of our services so that others know what to expect.

    -Post your experiences of other trips in Varadero and Cuba for future travelers.

    -Finding information on Diving and Snorkeling in Varadero and Cuba has been very difficult until now, let’s so help others. You and me, we can make the difference!