Scuba Diving/Snorkeling from Villa Tropico & Jibacoa

Diving and Snorkeling from Villa Tropico & Jibacoa with Varadiving. Our Dive Club and School in Varadero and Havana Cuba is now offering Dive trips from Villa Tropico Jibacoa in Cuba. It has become usual for Varadiving having to travel to the Jibacoa in Havana/Matanzas on order to offer their clients dive trips out of the Hotel area.


Try Dive:

For not certified divers there is the TRY DIVE which is practice in shallow water or swimming pool and one dive. We offer the TRY DIVE at the same spots where the certified divers go just that beginners are limited to 12mts while the certified divers do from 12 to 30mts depending on the certification and experience.


Certified divers do 2 dives each day.


Diving sites out of the Hotel area.

Coral Beach:               85cuc. Distance by car 60km.

Puerto Escondido:       70cuc. Distance by car 16km. 

Bacunayagua:              80cuc. Distance by car 22km.

Matanzas Bay:             85cuc. Distance by car 37km.

Bay of Pigs:              120cuc. Distance by car 170km.


The Price includes the transportation, equipment and instructor.

ACUC Courses at Villa Tropico Jibacoa.






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