Full Face Snorkeling Mask for all tours.

  • Breath through your mouth
  • 180 degrees free of vision
  • No fogging
  • No pressure on your face or head from straps
  • Free to use on your day trip or half day tours with us.

The main obstacle to snorkelling is the difficulty in breathing underwater with a snorkel. Indeed, breathing through your mouth is unnatural, and the snorkel mouthpiece is sometimes considered too intrusive, uncomfortable and unhygienic. This innovative mask also offers users an unobstructed 180° field of vision, and s prevented from fogging up by a double air-flow system that is identical to the system used in domestic extraction fans.




The Easybreath snorkeling masks have a soft rim that goes around the edge of your face, no more uggly pressure marks from wearing the mask. They have soft elastic straps going over the back of your face in an X-shape, no more rubber squashing your ears.


Everything will look so clear and bright you will be amazed. They only downside is once you have snorkeling with this mask, you do not want to go back to a traditional mask anymore.