Diving from Varadero.

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Certified and beginners dives from Varadero Cuba.

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The Varadiving staff is a group of very experienced Scuba diving Instructors  from different organizations all looking very much forward to make sure every single Diver and Snorkeler go home with a good impression on what Cuba and it’s reef has to offer .

Now more safe and fun than ever as on every single tour you will have an experienced Driver and an experienced Scuba Diving Instructor as Guide.


 We want to make sure you have fun when with us. Of course diving is a serious sport but you come on holiday to enjoy yourself. When you choose to dive with us you will find warm welcoming faces and a team that is committed to making sure you get the most out of your holiday in a fun packed adventurous way.




At Varadiving  Club we do not do mass diving. You’ll never be part of a large group, crammed into mini buses or dive trucks, shipped around the island. We’ve made a commitment to our customers that we will always give a personalised and caring service to them, where their satisfaction is our priority. Those who dive with us are not customers of the sea but guests. If anyone wants to know why that is well it goes back to our philosophy, WE CARE… For too long the marine environment around Cuba has been neglected and we are now changing this. So, when you dive with us our philosophy is that we are guests of the underwater world and we treat it with the care and respect it deserves to make sure it will be there for generations to come. At Varadiving Dive Centre we will never force marine life out of its natural habitat.


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