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This may be the place where we will help each other on finding the information and shearing the experiences on the Diving in Cuba.


it has forever been very hard to fiend information and other divers experiences on the Diving in Cuba, lets together make it easy for averyone.



Been able to answer any question is a pleasure for our Varadiving team.


-Please feel free to contact us.

-Make comments of what you have lived while Diving Cuba so that others know what to expect.


-Post your experiences of other trips in Varadero and Cuba for future travelers.


-Finding information on Diving and Snorkeling in Varadero and Cuba has been very difficult until now, let’s so help others.


You and me, we can make the difference!

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    Mike (Monday, 06 May 2013 14:47)

    A friend and I have just returned from Cuba and did some amazing dives in both Varadero and the Bay of Pigs. If you hate diving with large groups give Varadiving a chance. We had an amazing experience that we will not soon forget. Our guide Yasser Rodriguez was very professional, looking after all of our needs at a very reasonable price. Our boat dives to the Russian patrol boat was conducted with Barracuda dive center in Varadero but also arranged by Yasser. If you plan on diving in your next trip to Cuba? Again give Varadiving a chance, you won't regret it.

    We completed 7 dives: 2 at Coral beach Varadero, 2 at Cayo Piedras Del Norte "Russian wreck and shallow dive near the Island", 2 at the Bay of pigs down to 100ft and 50 feet respectively "2 tug boat wrecks and finally the Cenotes. all this for approximately 250 cuc (convertible pesos) less that $300 cdn, by the way this includes the cost of transportation to and back to our hotel. Again a very reasonable price.

    Thank you Yasser and Varadiving.