You will learn the basic safety guidelines and skills needed to dive under the direct supervision of our Professional Instructors.

Dive Destinations for Beginners & CARD HOLDERS.

-Coral Beach at about 30min drive from Varadero.

Shore dive.


Max Depth 12mts.

Dive of about 45min.

Price 80$.

Booking/Contact form.

-Bay of Pigs at about 2h drive from Varadero.

Shore dive.

Wall dive.



Max Depth 12mts.

Dive of about 45min.

Price 95$

Booking/Contact form.

Certified Divers.

Boat Dives.

-Coral Beach - Shore dives at 12mts max.

-Bay of Pigs - Shores dives at 30mts max.

-Sletrea Wreck - Max depth 30mts.

-Neptuno Wreck - Max depth 10mts.

-Caribe Wreck - Max depth 12mts

-Cayo Piedra reef - Max depth 12mts.

-Caribe Wreck - Max depth 12mts.

-Clara Boyas 1 - Max depth 20mts.

-Clara Boyas 2 - Max depth 20mts.

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Shore Dives.

Coral Beach - Max depth 12mts.

Bay of Pigs - Max depth 30mts.

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Dive packages :

4   dives in 2 days 160$

6   dives in 3 days 220$

8   dives in 4 days 290$

10 dives in 5 days 360$

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Cuba diving holidays are easier to plan than ever.


The Varadiving club is known as the dive center in Varadero that really cares about the divers/clients; we can help you find the best destinations for your Cuba scuba vacations too. Generally, you can arrange to go diving in Cuba at one of the many Cuban beach resorts if you haven't arranged your expedition before arrival. Most of these resorts are all inclusive, though you will usually have to pay extra for scuba diving. All Hotels in Varadero are run by the Government same as the diving at the Hotel. However varadiving helps you plan your holydays beforehand, we can arrange:


- Diving trips.

- Dive packages.

- Diving courses.

- Snorkeling trips.

- Accommodation.

- Packages of them all together or just help you create a package at your own convenience.


-Varadiving counts with equipment for 20 divers.

-5 cars with its private drivers for the trips.

-6 instructors all with more than 10 years experience, from different organizations: CMAS, ACUC, SSI and more.

Accommodations for our Diving Packages in Cuba.

As a specialist diving tour operator in Cuba, our first focus when selecting resorts is the quality of the diving and the service and professionalism of our chosen dive centre in Cuba. Our preference, where possible, is to use resorts with on-site dive centres for your convenience.

We also like to work with smaller, characterful hotels and guesthouses, run by people who genuinely care about their customers and show a passion for the region in which they are based.

It is not necessary to spend huge amounts of money to enjoy a great dive holiday in Cuba. We offer a range of resort diving holidays to suit all budgets.

If you are looking to get away from it all, we are unique in offering diving holidays to some of the most remote destinations in Cuba; hidden gems that few are fortunate enough to visit.

- Our dive sites in Cuba are at not more than 10min by boat.


- We offer Discovery diving for beginners in Cuba.


- Wreck and wall dives for certified divers in Cuba. varadero, cienfuegos, havana.


- Certifying courses of all levels in cuba varadero, cienfuegos, havana.


- Snorkeling tours and more in cuba, varadero, cienfuegos, havana.

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