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Listed below are the top 5 reasons why you should hire us.

1. You don’t have to be in a large tour bus.

 1 - You Dont have to be in large tour bus groups.

Group tours from Havana are conducted in large tour buses filled with many other tourists, many coming from different resorts, filling one bus. When you hire varadiving we will provide transportation that is only for you and your party. This is normally in the form of an American 50's car or van.


 2 - You will see what you choose to see.

Have you ever been on a tour and they are showing or taking about something you are not interested in? That almost always happens. Well with our private tour guide, you can just see what you want to see, no need to waste time going to attractions that you have no interest in seeing.



 3 - Not waiting for others.

When you have your own private tour with Varadiving, you don’t have to wait on others. Many times with a large tour bus, it takes a long time to get everyone loaded in the bus after a stop is made. Some people are buying food, some are using the restroom and time is wasted.



 4 - Blend in with locals.

When travelling with a private tour guide, it is much easier to blend in with the locals. Think about it, if you have a bus full of people, it is hard to blend in, you may as well have “tourist” written across your forehead. When you are with a private tour guide, it is much easier to walk around the island and visit any attractions with ease.



 5 - Personalized Tour.

A private tour guide will allow you to have private, personalized attention. Anything that you need, anything you want to visit, your tour guide will be able to arrange. If you want to stop on the side of the road to get a coconut or have some sugar cane, you can, with no problem. In summary, when you visit Cuba, you have many options to travel around the island depending on the experience you are looking for. For many, VARADIVING private tour guides is the best way to go for a customized and fun experience.